Ep. 44 – The Day I Met Bigfoot

On this episode, we talk to Craig Durham, the author of “The Day I Met Bigfoot”, which is his true account of the day he and a friend set out on a seemingly normal mountain-bike ride into the deep forest of the Pacific-Northwest, and unexpectedly came into contact with Bigfoot!

This encounter is unlike no other and for more then a few hours the two friends followed and interacted with Bigfoot, until they all heard a loud crashing noise coming from the forest. Both the men, and Bigfoot, frantically ran in different directions from the noise, which led the friends to get lost in an unknown environment. After several days of wandering, the friends eventually were able to find their way out to safety, but both would never forget the experience they had.

Join us to hear Craig’s firsthand experience with Bigfoot, and our crazy theories on it!