Ep. 163 – Las Vegas Alien Encounter

Just before midnight on April 30, 2023, people across several states, some even as far as California, saw a bright fireball streak through the sky. Body-cam footage from a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer caught a glimpse of this, but a Las Vegas family witnessed something much more terrifying. A father and his 2 sons were working on a vehicle in their yard when they saw the sparkly object. As it came crashing down, they were hit by what they described as a shock wave. That is when they saw a tall creature in their backyard, which appeared to be 8-10 feet tall, had large eyes, was skinny with long legs & was greyish-green in color. They were terrified by what they saw and called 911.

Approximately 39 minutes after the 1st call, another resident called 911 saying that there were 2 unknown entities in his backyard after he saw an object fall from the sky. The caller described what he was seeing, detailing that they had big, shiny neon eyes & mouths & were naked. They were “100% not human.” After investigating the homes, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department decided to close the case due to no physical evidence and called it unfounded.

On the second half, we reviewed the 1996 film Independence Day, directed byRoland Emmerich and starring an ensemble cast including Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Mary McDonnell & Vivica A. Fox. It is about groups of people who converge in the Nevada dessert in the aftermath of a worldwide attack by a powerful alien race. With the rest of the world, they launch a counterattack on July 4 in the United States.

Join us on episode 163 to hear more about one of the best accounts of an alien encounter ever recorded in modern times!