Ep. 162 – The Tsuchinoko

The Tsuchinoko is a snake-like cryptid that is seen in the mountainous regions of Western Japan, & appears to look like your common snake, although with a central girth that is wider than its head & tail & appears to look like a hammer or mallet without a handle. It has large, plate-like scales that run down its earth-tone speckled body, & because of their color & shape, they are often said to resemble beer bottles.

Despite having an awkward shape, the Tsuchinoko is very nimble. It is said that it can jump up to a meter in distance followed immediately by a 2nd jump while it is still in the air & by some estimates, can jump up to 5 meters. It is also reported to sometimes swallow its tail & roll like a wheel, which is similar to the hoop snake. According to legend, some Tsuchinoko are able to speak & are notorious liars, & are said to have a taste for alcohol or sake.

Join us on episode 162 to hear more about this strange & elusive cryptic from Japan!