Ep. 150 – Museum of Shadows

The Museum of Shadows, located in Omaha, Nebraska, has been voted one of the most haunted museums in the world and houses over 3000 verified haunted objects. Nate & Kaleigh Raterman, the curators of the museum, are professional investigators, specialists in demonology, Kaleigh is a psychic medium and they have spent 17+ years investigating cases of the unknown. They receive donations daily from around the world and they determine if it is haunted via several regular and paranormal investigations. 

The artifacts on display include odd items like animal carcasses that were used in rituals, several Ouija boards, and a lot of cursed or possessed dolls, including Ayda the haunted doll, the most haunted object in the museum. 

Visitors have reported being physically touched, seeing apparitions, hearing disembodied voices, children laughing, running and much more. 

Join us on episode 150 to hear more about the very Museum of Shadows!