Ep. 149 – The Bonnacon

The Bonnacon, also known as the bonasus or bonacho, is a legendary bull creature from medieval times & even earlier with a unique & smelly defense mechanism, that has earned it as being the laughing stock of medieval bestiary. It has inward-curving horns, a mane that looks similar to a horse’s, and reddish-brown or black fur. Because its horns are inward facing & basically useless for self-defense from hunters, the Bonnacon would expel large amounts of burning or corrosive poop from its anus at its pursuers, burning them & thereby ensuring its escape.

The first description of the Bonnacon comes from Pliny the Elder’s Natural History published in AD 77, & because of Natural History’s popularity, the Bonnacon was included in a multitude of medieval bestiaries. There is no hard evidence of the existence of the Bonnacon, but it may actually be a creature based on a real animal. The name bonnacon is derived from the Greek word “bonasos” which means bison, & it is suggested that maybe it was a species of bison.

Join us on episode 149 to hear more about this legendary smelly bull creature!