Ep. 147 – The Deer Man

The Deer Man is a half-human/half-deer creature that has been reported all over the country & even in Canada. It has been described differently sometimes depending on the location, but generally it has the antlered head of a deer, a human’s torso, its legs are either those of a man or a deer, and is said to be well muscled and surprisingly fast for its size. Some accounts say it reeks like a rotting corpse, it makes an ear-piercing scream, and that it has the power to transform itself from just a regular deer into a half-deer/half-human creature

Is it an undiscovered species or a misidentified deer? Or could it be an interdimensional creature that can pass from one reality to another or possibly a wendigo? The most popular theory though is that it could be a skinwalker. Skinwalkers are supposed to be fast, can shape-shift and able to mesmerize people.

Join us on episode 147 to hear more about the mysterious Deer Man!