Ep. 146 – Peggy the Doll

Peggy the Doll is a 3-foot-tall doll that has a blonde hair bob with glassy blue eyes and is considered to be the most haunted and dangerous doll in the world. After being purchased at a car boot sale, the owner began having nightmares and felt as though she was being haunted by the doll. She contacted Jayne Harris, a paranormal and haunted doll investigator, and eventually sent the doll to her. Jayne and her team of psychics began working with the doll, running experiments or having paranormal sessions with it and began posting photos and videos of the doll online. That is when she began receiving comments from people who had seen the video and immediately after viewing it began to have chest pain, nausea and/or crippling headaches. Jayne has come to the conclusion that the doll is possessed by the spirit of a woman who was born in 1946, died of a chest-related condition like asthma, and may have ties to the Holocaust.

Peggy the Doll is now in Zak Bagans’ possession where he has her in his Haunted Museum in her own room, in a dollhouse with a glass enclosure and cameras on her 24/7. There is also a spirit box sitting near her where she sometimes communicates with those who dare to come see her. According to Zak, he has met many dolls but none have ever affected him as badly as Peggy the Doll.

Join us on episode 146 to hear more about this haunted doll!