Ep. 133 – Corny the Irish Poltergeist

Corney was a poltergeist that haunted the A- family in Dublin, Ireland during the mid-19thcentury. The address of the house, as well as, the families name is a mystery even though we have the story of Corney’s antics. He let his presence be known to the family and their staff, but only showed his spectral body to two people. The first who died from fright, and the 2nd, a 7-year old boy where he described him as a naked man, with a curl on his forehead, and pale skin.  His misbehavior with the servants of the house were especially awful and Mrs. A- had a hard time keeping the servants in the house. 

Who was Corney? It is believed that he is the spirit of Cornelius, known as Corney, who was a faithful elderly servant living in that house. His death in the house apparently tied him to the building. A year after his death, the family moved away and the A- family moved in and that is when the poltergeist behavior of Corney began.   

Was Corney upset that a new family moved in? Or was he just a jokester who liked playing pranks on the living? Join us on episode 133 to hear more! 

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