Ep. 132 – Wold Newton Triangle

Within East Yorkshire, England is a stretch of rolling hills and beautiful valleys that has the highest concentrations of legends, myths, monsters and the supernatural in the world called the Wold Newton Triangle. The area is full of stories of ghosts, fairies, witches, werewolves, legends of dragons and vampires as well as stories of magic and rituals which makes many question whether the Wold Newton Triangle is a thin spot between dimensions.

There are several theories as to why the area has so much weirdness. Rudson, which isn’t quite in the middle, but just askew from it, is the end point for not one, but five ley lines. Many believe ley lines are steeped with power and electromagnetic energy and connect important and sacred sites throughout the world. Another theory is the meteorite strike that occurred in 1795 that impacted close to the junction of these five ley lines. Was it a catalyst for the paranormal?

Join us on episode 132 to hear more about the Wold Newton Triangle known as the U.K.’s Skinwalker Ranch!

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