Ep. 111 – Alien Robot Attack at Cisco Grove

On September 4, 1964, Donald Shrum went on a bow hunting trip in California with friends that turned into an adventure that he will never forget! At some point in the day, he got separated from the group because he was tracking a deer, and since it was almost dark, he decided to hunker down up in a tree and wait for first light. Right before he fell asleep, he saw a light zig-zagging in the distance and because he thought it might be a search party looking for him, he lit a flare to let them know where he was. Suddenly, the light rapidly moved towards him and he realized at this point that it was a large cigar-shaped object. Two beings and a robot appeared below him and began trying to shake him out of the tree, and even released a white gas that knocked him out. 

When he woke up, he was still in the tree but the beings and robot were still there trying to shake him out of the tree. This continued all night, with shaking of the tree and the white gas being emitted several times and him passing out. At dawn, after an emittance of the gas, he woke up but this time he was hanging from the tree by his belt and the entities were gone. When he finally returned to camp, he discovered that one of his friends had also seen the light the night before, but they hadn’t witnessed anything else strange.

Were these alien entities just trying to scare him, or were they the least competent abductors ever? Join us on episode 111 to hear more about this strange encounter!

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