Ep. 110 – The Haunted Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

The Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, known as the Castle of the Rockies, is a 130+ year old resort and spa in a large castle located in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Because of a vision to bring the beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the rest of the world, William Cornelius Van Horne began construction in 1887 and officially opened on June 1, 1888. This location wasn’t just chosen for its scenic beauty, it was also by a railway and served as one of Canada’s grand railway hotels.  William knew that he couldn’t export the scenery, so why not import the tourists. The hotel has a few residents who’ve checked in throughout the years, but a few who’ve never checked out!

One of the most famous entities at the hotel is the ghost bride who fell down the grand marble staircase after her wedding and broke her neck. Since then, many have seen the figure of a woman in a wedding dress walking up and down the stairs. There is also Sam the bellman that is still performing his job by helping hotel guests when they are in need. One of the more terrifying paranormal experiences occur in room 873. Legend says that a mother and child were murdered in room 873 by the father and husband, and since then people have been woken in the middle of the night in the room by screaming. Once the lights come on, there are bloody handprints on the mirror that can’t be wiped off by the cleaning staff until they just disappear. Due to all the complaints, the room has been bricked up and closed off from guests.

What haunts this beautiful castle in Banff? Join us on episode 110 to hear more!

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