Ep. 86 – Ghost Hound of Goshen

There is a ghostly hound that prowls a rural road outside of Newberry, South Carolina that strikes terror into all who see it. It is a massive spectral white hound, with glowing red eyes, is very aggressive & threatening, chasing and even leaping at witnesses before vanishing into thin air. According to the legend, the hound is said to be the faithful pet of a peddler who was passing through the area sometime in the early 1850s. The man was wrongfully accused of murder and hung for it, but his dog refused to leave his master’s body, was stoned to death, and many believe that its spirit has lingered there acting as a guardian to protect its territory even in death.

The first known sighting was in 1855 by a young slave on his way to fetch a doctor. He heard a snarling, howling noise come from behind him, and when he turned around he saw a hulking white hound that then began to chase after him. No matter how fast he went, the hound caught up to him easily, passing him where it evaporated into thin air. Sightings of the ghost hound have occurred through out the years, but most agree that although terrifying, this ghost hound is harmless and only protecting the area.

What haunts this eerie, remote area? Join us on episode 86 to hear more about the Ghost Hound of Goshen!

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