Ep. 170 – Old Washoe Club

Virginia City, NV rose as the center for silver mining with the discovery of the Comstock Lode in 1859 & became the nation’s 1st industrial city. It was a bustling city that had cultural institutions like the opera & famous residents like Mark Twain. The Washoe Club opened its doors on B Street in the Reynolds Building on June 1, 1875. It was a luxurious space filled with giant plate glass windows & bronze statuettes & was nicknamed “The Millionaire’s Club” because it was where the rich & newly rich would drink, play games, & visit with prostitutes. Less than 5 months after opening, a fire burned through downtown, destroying a good amount of Virginia City, including the Washoe Club. It didn’t take long though for the club to find a new space – the trustee board for the club settled on a 3-story building on C street that even had a saloon on the bottom floor.

The local mines began to diminish, Virginia City’s population dwindled & the Washoe Club eventually closed in 1897. Because of the cities history with cave-ins, gunfights & greedy claim jumpers, it is no surprise that the Old Washoe Club is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in the West. Bar stools move on their own, the saloon doors will mysteriously swing open for ladies that are entering, & numerous shadow figures have been spotted on the upper floors. There are several spirits that are seen & felt in the Old Washoe Club & there is one spirit who has an affinity for alcohol. If you let a full shot of Bourbon linger too long at the bar, it will mysteriously be drained, & the staff will leave a full shot before leaving at night & it will be empty in the morning.

Who or what still lingers at the Old Washoe Club? Join us on episode 170 to hear more  about this haunted location