Ep. 126 – Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo is a 35-acre zoo located in Chicago, IL that was founded in 1868 on the same spot as where a cemetery had been located. This cemetery once held the remains of 35,000 people and when the cemetery closed, they moved most of the bodies to another location, but experts believe that there could be around 12,000 bodies that remain there. Throughout the years, several bodies have been exhumed during different construction projects, with some getting put back in the ground where they were found. Because bodies have been left here and buildings built over top of them, the zoo has become a haunted hot spot.

People have witnessed flickering lights and had doors slam on them. Various EVP’s have been captured here, including the voice of the zoo director even though he is still very much alive. There is a floating pocket of negative energy that makes people physically sick that moves throughout the park, and several full body apparitions have been seen in Victorian period clothing. There are some that believe that the paranormal activity in the park isn’t just related to dead bodies still in the ground under the zoo. There used to be a bridge going across the lagoon right next to the zoo that was dubbed the “suicide bridge” due to hundreds of people killing themselves there.

Join us on episode 126 to hear about the very haunted Lincoln Park Zoo!

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