Ep. 113 – Mantis Man

In Hackettstown, NJ near the Musconetcong River, there have been several encounters with a large bug-like creature resembling a praying mantis. This Mantis Man is about 7 feet tall with a dark green or brown exoskeleton, a triangular head, and large, slanted black eyes. Two of the encounters were with fishermen who were in the water and they both felt that the creature was surprised that they could see it, before it disappeared into thin air. Every encounter with this creature has been in or near the water, which is odd since praying mantis insects stick to dry ground.

In Iran, a unique rock carving was found of a creature with six limbs that has been described as part man, part mantis. The archeologists estimated that the carving could be anywhere between 4,000 and 40,000 years old, which suggests that ancient humans have possibly linked mantids to the supernatural since ancient times. 

Were these encounters a drug-induced hallucination? Or possibly, Mantis Man is an alien, with the ability to cloak itself and disappear into thin air, that even ancient humans have encountered. Join us on episode 113 to hear more about the Mantis Man!

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