Ep. 112 – Bigfoot Encounter in Honobia, Oklahoma

Over a period of two years, the Humphreys family dealt with a group of Bigfoot creatures that almost nightly would try to get into their cabin in Honobia, Oklahoma. At first it was just noises in the vicinity of their cabin that they would hear. One day they found that one of their freshly killed deer had been stolen from their outside freezer, so they cleaned out what meat was left in it and assumed that the problem had been solved. That is when they began to see the Bigfoot creatures on their porch, jiggling the doorknob and tapping on the windows, trying to get in. As the nights and days went on, they became more ferocious trying to get into the cabin.

In January 2000, Tim Humphreys was on his porch with a few friends and when one of the creatures got close enough to the cabin, he shot at it. The Bigfoot creature ran into the woods howling, and continued to scream the rest of the night. The next day they followed a trail of blood into the woods, but were never able to find the creature that was hit. The screams and mischief continued for a few weeks before the activity stopped altogether.

Why did Bigfoot attack their cabin? Join us on episode 112 to hear more about this strange story from Oklahoma!

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