Ep. 105 – Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a former slaughterhouse and meat-packing facility that served northwest Kentucky as well as parts of Ohio back in the 1850’s. It eventually was demolished and the new building became a casino, nightclub, speakeasy, and now a music club. It is considered to be the most haunted night club in America as well as considered to be a gateway to hell. People have heard phantom footsteps, seen full body apparitions, smelled perfume, felt cold spots and had the sensation of being touched.

Not only did a lot of death and murder happen in or near this location, but many believe that the area could be haunted due to the building being built on Native American burial ground. There are also rumors of Satanic rituals being performed in the basement allowing evil and sinister things to permeate the premises.

What haunts Bobby Mackey’s Music World? Join us on episode 105 to hear more!

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