Ep. 102 – Ahool the Giant Bat-Like Creature

In the deepest parts of the jungles of Java, you can find a giant flying creature, the Ahool, that is known to eat fish, but has also been known to attack humans. It has a face that resembles both a chimpanzee and a bat, has fangs, red skinned wings and is covered in grey fur. It is said to have a body the size of a small child with a wingspan of up to 12 feet, and its name comes from the sound it makes – AHOOooooOL!

It has been a legend among the locals on Java for years, but in 1925, Dr. Ernest Bartels was exploring a waterfall in the Salek Mountains on Java when a giant bat-like creature flew over his head. Two years later, in 1927, he heard the Ahool’s distinct cry at night while lying in his bungalow. A mystery bat of equally dramatic dimensions has also been encountered in Cameroon, North and South America, and West Africa. 

What is the Ahool? Is it a giant bat or a flying monkey with wings? Join us on episode 102 to hear more!

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