Bonus Ep. – The true story of America’s first serial killer with Author Jim Wosochlo, Jr

On this bonus episode, we speak with James Wosochlo, the author of “Appalachian: Schaumboch’s Tavern”. His book details the life and misdeeds of Matthias Schaumboch, America’s unofficial first serial killer. Schaumboch owned and operated a tavern on Hawk Mountain where weary travelers would stop for the night, and because he only chose those that either travelled alone or no one would miss, he was able to get away with the murders most of his life. There were even rumors that he fed his victims to unknowing guests at his tavern.

James Wosochlo grew up in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, where his love for history aided him to come across this mystery. James is the former president of the State Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, and a founding member of Hawk Mountain Archaeology Society.

Joins us to hear more about James’ book all about Matthias Schaumboch!

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